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IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, is the largest global development institution focused on the private sector in developing countries. IFC is a dynamic organization, constantly adjusting to the evolving needs of our clients in emerging markets.

IFC’s three businesses – Investment Services , Advisory Services , and IFC Asset Management – are mutually reinforcing, delivering global expertise to clients in more than a 100 developing countries. We provide both immediate and long-term financing, and we combine it with advice that helps companies grow quickly and sustainably – by innovating, raising standards, mitigating risk, strengthening the investment climate, and sharing expertise across industries and regions.

This page shows visualizations of IFC data. The charts are updated on a periodic basis. This site contains the data from IFC Annual Reports along with the Investment and Advisory Services data.

To explore and visualize detailed IFC Project data, just access a source dataset. We encourage you to share your work with others.

For project information IFC discloses on a daily basis, please refer to the IFC Disclosure Portal .

IFC at a Glance
IFC: Gross Cumulative Commitments per Region
(Data as of 6/30/2015)
Commitments are composed of funds to be provided by IFC for its own account and funds to be provided by participants through the purchase of an interest in IFC’s investment. Commitments are from IFC's inception (1956) to June 30, 2015.
IFC: Investment by Industry
(Data as of 06/30/2015)
IFC Industries (Sectors) are in charge of processing IFC transactions. They also provide the Regional Departments with the expertise and knowledge needed to process new projects. Learn more at . FY10 data has been revised to be consistent with IFC's FY11 re-organizational changes across Industry departments.
IFC: Investment by Product Line
(Data as of 06/30/2015)
IFC continues to develop new financial products that enable companies to manage risk and broaden their access to foreign and domestic capital markets. Our broad suite of investment services can ease poverty and spur long-term growth by promoting sustainable enterprises, encouraging entrepreneurship, and mobilizing resources that wouldn’t otherwise be available. Learn more at
IFC: Investment by Region
(Data as of 06/30/2015)
IFC's Regional Departments are responsible for the overall strategy in their respective regions and client relations. They also handle IFC's relationships with the relevant member countries' governments and local stakeholders-NGOs, media, and communities. Learn more at

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